In July of 2014 we took in our last two “guests”.  Honor and Izzy are the pet English Setters of the family of Major Eric Burkett, USMC.  A wounded warrior who is currently hospitalized at US Naval Hospital, Bethesda, MD.Our saddest moment was the passing of Donna McBride.  She was a faithful volunteer and loved the “guests”.  She made the best banana nut bread on the entire planet. There were many blessings in our experience.  By far the greatest was the return of each of the owners.  Some damaged but all home.

The others:

The payback for us was always the reunions.  Unbeknownst to us at the beginning was the solid validity of the strong everlasting love of canines for their absent humans.  At every single reunion, some after as long as eighteen months for deployments, the “buddy” would go bonkers at the sight of their returning owner. The joy of those occasions was the direct result of the dedication, kindness and love of every volunteer involved in this endeavor.  And every supporter who provided the means by which we were able to sustain our mission.
God bless each and every one of you. 

The postscript of the sanctuary is that it has transitioned into the hands of the Harrisburg Humane Society for use as a rehabilitation center for abused horses.
Semper Fido