How Do You Brush Your Dogs Teeth

How regularly do you brush your dog’s teeth? Periodontal disease affects both humans and dogs when food particles get stuck on your teeth and remain there for some time. This disease causes severe pain, tooth loss, or bacterial infections, which in return can result in infections to the heart, liver, kidneys, or brain. Here are tips on how to brush your dog’s teeth to maintain its hygiene.

1. Train your dog to be comfortable with your finger in its mouth

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The dog's hygiene is essential, especially dental hygiene, which can result in a bad smell when not handled. Before staking brush or a finger in your dog’s mouth, ensure you teach them that the brushing can be fun and beneficial to their health. Before using the toothpaste, begin with sticking something like butter or something your dog likes and let it lick your finger. When licking your finger, lift the dog's lips, and start brushing. Do this practice several times and, after three days, introduce toothpaste.

2. Open your dog’s mouth

After teaching your dog to be comfortable with your finder being into their mouth, teach them to pope their mouth to facilitate brushing. Give them lots of treats as positive reinforcement. Let them open their mouth for some seconds then increase the time gradually.

3. Brush the teeth

After teaching your dog to be comfortable with you putting your fingers between the gum and teeth introduce toothpaste and brush. Start the brushing process slowly and never leave out the treats. When the dog is rewarded, it will adapt to the brushing process within no time.


The dog's hygiene is essential since many dogs are kept as pets and are human-friendly. However, their smell can be awful, therefore drawing you away. The dog's hygiene begins with dental health and general body hygiene to protect your dog from numerous diseases and dental problems.